I am a classical liberal, formerly a Democrat, now registered as an Independent. Two years ago, I became a journalist, focusing primarily on the controversies surrounding gender transition, particularly the lack of evidence supporting the gender-affirming model of care, and the stories of detransitioners—topics I believe the mainstream media has largely failed to report on accurately and objectively.

My interest in skepticism, debunking pseudoscience, and science communication began 12 years ago when I was studying biology. My articles are informed by experts in gender medicine research and adhere to the principles of evidence-based medicine (EBM).

As someone with Asperger’s, my "special interest" lies in gender dysphoria and the gender-affirming model of care. I am dedicated to meticulously collecting and analyzing as much information as possible on this subject. I monitor new research in the field and strive to organize and present my findings in a clear, straightforward manner.

In addition to my primary focus, I occasionally write about "Social Justice" ideology, other forms of pseudoscience, mental health disorders, autism, and critical thinking.

My paid substack content is free for detransitioners, please send me a message on social media if you are a detransitioner and would like a free subscription.

Here’s a 25-minute Quillette podcast of Colin Wright and I talking to Jon Kay about leaving California for Nashville and debunking gender pseudoscience as a couple.


In April 2023, I began an extensive research project investigating the connection between autism and gender dysphoria, with the goal of publishing the results in an academic journal in 2024. Additionally, I am conducting surveys on detransitioners and desisters of a trans-identity, which I also plan to submit for journal publication.

During my spare time, I am developing an information-based website that will feature up-to-date data, counterarguments to activist claims, explainers on research, and useful resources related to gender pseudoscience.


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I am a liberal, science-oriented, independent journalist who primarily reports on news and research related to "gender medicine." My other writing interests include pseudoscience, mental health, autism, and "Social Justice" ideology.


I write about gender, pseudoscience, mental health, autism and critical thinking.