You may wish to consider a generally very good essay over at Barbara Wegener's Substack, this section in particular:

"Gender is nothing but personality repackaged."


Think you're part of the problem by not considering that perspective.

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I’ve frequently commented on how personality is mistaken for “gender identity.” But this article is specifically about the brain studies misused by Civil Rights orgs to claim that “gender identity” is innate and biological.

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IF what some people mean by "gender identity" is more or less exactly what others MEAN by personality, and IF personality has a substantial biological component -- as Colin, Malone, & Robertson (?) have argued in their 4th Wave article -- THEN, to the same extent, "gender identity" is likewise "innate and biological":


Still think you're contributing to the problem by not considering that interpretation of the concept of gender identity. You might also review the philosophical perspective which also has some bearing on the concept:


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